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Tiab Software

Real-Time Software
A dedicated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) provides the fast, real-time, deterministic, high performance control. It communicates via a plug&play USB link to a standard Windows PC, which runs the Front-End software.

Front-End Software

This runs on the PC and provides the user interface with friendly Windows style software. It allows the configuration, monitoring and adjustment of the test rig. Data is replayed and logged direct to PC memory up to 20KHz and the controllers come ready-to-run. The modular software design is ideally suited to providing custom user interfaces (see below).

The Tiab Main front-panel.

The Tiab Main panel provides the complete system configuration, and a powerful range of test functionality. Please refer to the software sections in :

Tiab_Digital Controller brochure.pdf
Tiab_Digital Controller specification.pdf

Bespoke software

Our systems can easily accommodate specific requirements for the user interfaces - with minimal additional development effort. This is achieved from our highly structured BASE-LEVEL SOFTWARE™ design.


This provides Tiab's unique selling point - a production system that can be refined to precise hardware and software requirements, with minimal development effort and cost.

Software modules

We also provide more advanced test functionality:

Test Sequencer Reduces many complex test steps down to a single button press
MIMIC Provides drive file generation capability
Network Software Enables rig monitoring and data analysis from anywhere on your corporate network.
Trend Analysis Monitors, in real-time, the test specimen degradation
Test Record Generator Keeps a running diary of all rig and user operations

For any software demonstration please contact STI .