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Tiab I/O Boards

The Tiab modular system design allows additional analogue and digital input and output (I/O) to be readily added.

These include :

  • Analogue input with gain and filter adjustment.
  • Analogue output with voltage and current drivers (adjustable +/-5,10,20,40 or 100mA) with filter adjuastment.
  • Discrete input, up to 50V.
  • Discrete output of either 5V TTL, 5V isolated, 24V or switched. These can all be independently watchdog protected.
  • General interface boards
  • Power supply boards regulating 5V, +/-12V, +/-15V from the unregulated 24V rack supply.

Transducer Conditioning

Tiab Digital Controllers accomodate any third party conditioning systems that provide high level voltage or current signals (nominally 10V or 20mA).

The Series 3 and Series 4 systems include conditioning as required for :


- Bridge Transducers
- Strain Gauge Amplifiers
- Carrier Amplifiers for LVDTs
- AC coupled Charge Amplifiers
- Thermocouple Amplifiers
- Frequency to Voltage Modules
- General Operational Amplifiers

Tiab also offer more robust eight channel nests for localised conditioning in harsher test environments.

Tiab Card Nest

The Tiab Card Nest offers robust, IP67 rated protection for eight channels, and uses the highly rate Fylde Micro Analog 2 conditioning units.

Emergency Stop

For many test systems a failsafe stop is of paramount importance. Tiab systems provide resetable emergency stop features and safety locks to international standards ( EN954-1 category 3, and EN60204-1 category 0).

Remote Controls


The Tiab multi-channel incher can independently control a single, or up to nine control inputs. It is normally used when the systems are in specimen protect mode during test set-up. However the buttons can be configured for many different user actions.

Remote Wireless Control

The Network Software of our controller software gives you control of your rig from a wireless handheld computer.

As our software is based on open Internet standards so it needs no extra software installed on the handheld computer. You simply use the handheld computer with a web browser through the wireless network connection. Beautifully simple and effective.


Tiab provide a range of standard looms, or wired to specific customer requirements.

The connectors used as standard are Cannon, XLR, EDAC, EPIC, Tuchel and lemo. Others can be provided on request.